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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hunt once and for all. join us tomorrow. we'll be talking with interior secretary ryan zinke and >> they announced the great numbers, fantastic guidance. also came on the heels at the the same time of china tariff talk announcement. a golden scenario for wal-mart coupled with economic news that we have seen. cheryl: fantastic news helped leading dow in latest gain, wal-mart-amazon faceoff. legal cause legal cause futures up this morning, dow up 19, more turmoil for tesla how elon musk infamous tweet on taking the company private play have been the icing on the cake for sec. cheryl: following the u.s.-china
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trade development, the shanghai only turn today red. lauren: dax in germany is down 3 points. cheryl: now you can rent a super cool new fast sports car from hertz celebrating 100th anniversary, fbn:am starts right now. lauren: all right, 5:01 a.m. in new york. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, what day the market had, thank you, wal-mart. lauren: we haven't seen that in months. thought we begin with tesla and more trouble for the company, turns out that regulators have been investigating tesla long before elon musk tweet about taking the company private. wall street journal reporting that sec began probe last year trying to determine whether tesla mislead investors with
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unrealistic numbers with model 3 car production, meanwhile tesla workers say the model 3 production is way behind schedule and employees say goal for each shift is produce 300 cars but one worker lames that was only met 3 or 4 times in the past month. cheryl: tesla looking for number two executive taking pressure off of musk. increase speculation of musk's future with the company. >> he's one of the rare ceo's who defines his company rather than the opposite therefore i think the board will do everything in its power to try and keep him in place but his conduct here looks very, very problematic. cheryl: we are going to have much more on all of the issues facing tesla coming up later on
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in the show. lauren: trump administration prepare to go turn up the heat on turkey over detained u.s. pastor, andrew brunson held in turkey since 2016, accused of being involved in attempted coup , now treasury secretary steven mnuchin threatening to take additional action. >> we've put sanctions on several of the cabinet members working with you, we have more that we are planning to do if they don't release him quickly. lauren: he says that brunson is a very innocent man. cheryl: well, president trump declaring war on the opioid addiction in the epidemic in the united states, calling jeff sessions to sue drug makers. lauren: blake berman has story.
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>> states have been filing lawsuits against manufacturers who produce opioids, latest example coming from new york state earlier this week which took aim at oxicoton. these were introductions thursday during cabinet meeting to the attorney general jeff sessions. >> i'd liketous look at some of the litigation that's already been started with companies rather than just joining them i would like to bring a federal lawsuit against the companies. blake: the president also told attorney general look those who are sending opioid, sending fentanyl from china and méxico, roughly 72,000 people in the u.s. died of a drug overdoes in 2017, the majority 49,000 from opioid, synthetic fentanyl alone killed 29,000 people.
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back to you in new york. cheryl: well, president trump has put a heavy emphasis on trade while at office but he says he's in no rush to reach a nafta deal, in cabinet meeting u.s. trade representative told the president he was hopeful with breakthrough with negotiations with méxico and canada but the president told him he wants to make the right deal. >> if you don't have a breakthrough as you call it, don't do the deal, because it's a lousy situation for the united states. we have much better alternatives than that, you understand? >> yes, sir. >> if you can't make the right deal, don't make it. >> would allow agreement to be signed before méxico's president elect take office in december. >> big rally on wall street yesterday, will ruim next week, the dow closed up nearly 400 points, best day in four months, shares of wal-mart which is dow component they surged more than
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9% after reporting sales rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade, in fact, that was the best day for wal-mart shares in nine months, take a look at nordstrom, they also closed up more than 9% and raising their outlook. cheryl: all right, stocks certainly on fire, google ceo, google is not close to launching a search engine in china, a thousand employees would sign to comply with chinese laws, google workers also calling on the company's management to be more transparent when making decisions about controversial issues like china. lauren: sticking with google, fueling the privacy debate after they admitted they are tracking users. cheryl: tracee carrasco with the
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story, good morning. tracee: revealed several google apps an websites, store user locations even if user have location history, google did not make any changes to the feature but instead revised a help page falsely stating off the setting would stop the tracking, the location history setting now states, quote, the setting does not affect other location services in on your device and saying that some location data may be saved like search and maps. lauren: facebook, they are cracking down on and this really boggled my mind, drug sales that are actually happening on their site that's been happening for years and now they are cracking down. tracee: it's amazing they didn't do anything sooner, facebook removing content violating policies and blocking hundreds of words and terms associated with drug sales from showing up in the search results instead it will only show links to news
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about drug abuse awareness and also launched the get health feature in search function and facebook said in june that feature would be introduced. cheryl: interesting. also hertz doing something when turning 100th anniversary. >> if you wanted to drive a sports car, this might be your chance, hertz added fleet of specially prepared yellow and black chevy corvettes sports cars to adrenaline collection, they are being sent to airport locations all around the country, there's a map on the screen available to rent for the next six months only, arrive somewhere cool, get fancy sports car. lauren: price tag? tracee: it would depend on the city, jfk airport around $199
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but they have special for the mileage. lauren: okay. tracee: certain amount of mileage and would go more. cheryl: reviews are pouring in after aretha franklin lost battle with cancer. president trump paying respect from the white house. >> she's brought joy to millions of lives and legacy will inspire many generations to come. she was given a great gift from god, her voice and she used it well. cheryl: she was amazing talent, fellow musicians were among those with heart felt messages, elton john wrote, quote, the loss of aretha is loss for everybody who loves real music. the voice unique and piano playing underrated, one of my favorite pianists. lauren: franklin many milestones
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presenting at three presidential inaugurations and first woman to be award medal of fame, she captured the hearts of millions of americans, aretha franklin died surrounded by family and homes in detroit, she was 76 year's old. cheryl: she certainly got her respect. lauren: yes. cheryl: we still have a lot more coming up this morning, a lot of news to cover. retail battle between wal-mart and am done heating up after wal-mart delivered best sales growth in more than a decade so what is driving shoppers to spend and restaurants getting threat because they change the way they make french fries. menu switch is firing up a storm, we will tell you about that. take a look at futures, a little quieter open, s&p up a quarter of nasdaq, you're watching
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lauren: happy friday, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. it is happy friday, dow surged 196 points, still up by 19, nasdaq futures unchanged. pentagon delaying delay but
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president trump for november 10th, officials now planning parade for next year, it would reportedly cost $92 million, 3 times the initial estimate but defense secretary james mattis is pushing back on those claims. >> whoever told you that is probably something illegal in my states, i guaranty you anything, i need to stay anonymous, no kidding because you look like an idiot. lauren: well, the president was inspired to hold military parade after he witnessed francis day. china reportedly drills aiming u.s., don't mess with the french fries, restaurant in maine responding to angry customers
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that have criticized switch from crinkle cut to straight cut fries because they we wanted to save money on the blades. owners of bali famous franks they have been sworn at and threatened with physical harm for making the change. they say that nothing about the fries has changed other than the way they are cut, cheryl. lauren: they must be good. cheryl: they must be good fries. lauren: let's get them here. cheryl: strong retail earnings helped dow industrial, dow went up 196 points. let's bring in mitch roschelle. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: besides the retail sales, of course, the wal-mart number that the consumer is back and very confident. >> yeah, my two working headlines the rumors of retail are greatly exaggerated and
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apocalypse and retail consumer strong and it's exactly what we expected. the first quarter was disappointing because the tax cuts and job's act hadn't kicked in yet, they had more money in pockets and what they are spending on paint, cosmetics all of which are discretionary items which tells you have confident consumer. >> you mentioned tax cuts and we see that kick in but also wages are higher, unemployment is lower, do you see any potential threats out to those issues and whether it's wage pressure or job losses right now? >> yeah, i think there are threats to the economy maybe later in the year but right now what's happened is we finally we saw decoupling in the beginning to have year where we didn't see consumer shopping, now they are there and the concern i have longer term is we are mounting a lot of consumer debt, we have seen growth in consumer debt, the auto sector, credit card
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sector, the household revolving sector, if consumers start feeling them, enthusiasim is catching up with them and preliminaries are very strong. >> you mentioned household borrowing $13.3 trillion and what context is that, do you think it's actually something that we should be concerned about or do you think that we have a healthy economy or stronger gdp. >> what's interesting the headline number of 13 plus billion -- trillion dollars excuse me is very large but as percentage of gdp is 65% and you compare to where it's been in past cycles where it's been mid-80's, it's not that strong, what concerns me the components of it. in the past household debt was mortgage related, right now it's actually not. the growth in mortgage-related household debt is slower than credit card debt and auto debt, those are the ones that are most
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sensitive to rate increases and we are heading into a period at some point of rising interest rates, do i worry about that. cheryl: one thing i want to ask you about because of the real estate side which is specialty and practice, we haven't seen hustled home sales have been under pressure, does that surprise you? >> not really, only because this is inventory shortage problem, aye said before you can't buy a house that's not on the market for sale, we have seen a very, very slow amount of homes hitting the market and that's a generational shift as baby boomers just haven't been able to put homes on the market yet. cheryl: makes sense, appreciate it, sir. >> have a great weekend. cheryl: you too. lauren: fired nato, big as three football fields and scorching 3,000-degrees wrecking havoc in california, new details of fires out west and hollywood has new queen, highest paid actresses now and we will tell you who came out on top.
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here is a hint she has a super hero salary, let's show you how the money is doing friday morning, dow has turned lower, now down 4 points in premarket, the other indices are down managerially as well, you're watching fbn:am. ♪ ♪ build your next big thing to run in more places, without recoding. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. streaming must see tv has never been easier. paying for things is a breeze. and getting into new places is even simpler. with xfinity mobile, saving money is effortless too. it's the only network that combines america's largest, most reliable 4g lte with the most wi-fi hotspots. and it can be included with your internet. which could save you hundreds of dollars a year. plus, get $150 dollars when you bring in your own phone. its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. lauren: welcome back, officials in california say fire fighter who died last month helping people evacuate was killed by a powerful fire tornado that at one point reached temperature of 2700-degrees, firefighter died after he was hit by the so-called fire nato with winds
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up to 165 miles an hour, terrible story. cheryl: hot and dry conditions do continue for parts of the west. lauren: for that we go to senior meteorologist janice dean live in fox weather center with latest and the forecast for the weekend, happy friday, janice. janice: happy friday, ladies, unfortunately as you mentioned we are tbhot getting relief that we need across the west especially north southwest, northern rockies where temperatures remain high and dry conditions continue, elevated fire danger for all areas here extending towards the rockies as well, past 24 hours, we are getting a little bit of relief in terms of moisture in southwest but not enough over parts of california and northwest because it's so dry we had dry lighting threat where the moisture e vapuates before it hits the ground and you're left with lighting that could spark more wild fires, past 24 hours, unsettled again across ohio valley, northeast, wide spreed of severe storms from the rockies extending towards
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northeast including new york city today, later on could expect strong to severe storms including isolated tornadoes, it's that hot and sticky, one of the main ingredients that we need for severe storms, daytime highs, 98 in dallas, be prepared we could get thunder boomers later on, ladies, seek shelt fer you have to. lauren: thank you. cheryl: coming up more turmoil for tesla, elon musk now infamous tweet about going private may have been just the icing on the case for sec, what we are now learning about the investigation and what it means and kroger joining the likes of amazon and wal-mart and drive to being -- having fresh food at your door, details of new driverless deal. taking a look at your futures after yesterday's huge gains e especially with the dow up 396, dow is under pressure, you're watching fbn:am. too cold for camping?
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lauren: breaking news this morning, the most painful year of his career, that's how elon musk is describe to go new york times and rightfully so as we are now learning about the sec investigation into tesla. cheryl: feeling the heat, the white house ready to slap for sanctions on turkey if an american pastor is not freed quickly, latest on economic pressure. lauren: dow had biggest one-day gain surging and nasdaq is down 10 points. cheryl: asian markets closed mostly higher, the shanghai in red. lauren: in europe, stocks, mixed bag, now lower across the board
5:29 am
all three indices are down. cheryl: and who is hollywood's highest paid actress, she has a super hero salary, that's you hint, fbn:am continues right now. ♪ ♪ lauren: good morning, we are coming at 5:30 in new york, it is august 17th, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, we will see if the markets can do another dance like they did yesterday. lauren: we will give them energy. cheryl: we have learned overnight that tesla has been under sec scrutiny long before elon musk tweeted about going private last week, the wall street journal reporting security regulators began investigating last year whether tesla misled investors over production problem and let's bring in attorney david bruno, david, good morning.
5:30 am
>> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: how hard it's to prove whether or not he knowingly misled investors with that tweet last week and then we are also finding out that they've been investigating him for possible false statements, misleading statements about production capabilities tat car company, how difficult is that if a legalese perspective to get him on that? >> very difficult, different possible litigations, civil litigation from people that lost, sec civil investigation, that's what we are talking about here and we are talking about the criminal investigation that could possibly flow, let's talk about the civil, yes, it's difficult, they would have to prove that he intentionally misrepresented, now we know from the wall street journal article there are two different areas, the 2017 protection statements about this bottle-necking that he explained as to why the production numbers fell below expectations and then this tweet, we've learned about this tweet, meetings with saudi
5:31 am
arabian banks, there's also the 7-independent board members that have come out and said we've had board meetings about going private. cheryl: let me ask you you mentioned the meetings with the saudis, would that be enough to satisfy regulators and he could, well, i had the meetings and we talked about taking the company private so i was not misleading anybody, can he use that as a defense? >> possibly. lauren and i talked about this last week but the language was very specific in the tweet financing secured. cheryl: got you. what's recently came out the financing was not secured, yes, there were discussions but there still had to be many different things to happen before the funding was actually approved. cheryl: well, i want to get into other legal troubles that he may be facing as well, shareholder losses, et cetera, listen what to the what charlie gasparino said yesterday about the litigation issue. >> one of their main worries in
5:32 am
addition to sec is private litigation and they are starting to think about how much potential liability exists in the private litigation if investors sued because claiming that they lost money based on musk's tweet, he has to admit some level of wrongdoing, that will ramp up litigation even more. cheryl: also was he specifically trying to hurt short-sellers on the stock which he has publicly complained about. >> sure, always complain about litigation, not just what they had to pay for shareholders but also expense. there's a recent suit filed this week, they are trying to get a class action suit, yes, actually expensive, however, i don't see musk actually admitting to defrauding. i could see sanctions, i could see a fine, i could see an investigation but for him to say it was my purpose to defraud i don't see it happening therefore i don't think it could be used
5:33 am
in civil action. cheryl: the board member lawyering up, those words could potentially be used against him in court, david. the story is going to continue. thanks for being here this morning, appreciate it. >> have a great friday. cheryl: you too. lauren: trump administration is threatening additional sanctions on turkey over detained u.s. pastor and preparing for renewed talks with china. investors weigh turkey and china, you think futures are in flat line mark? >> we were coming a strong session yesterday with best showing in four months. i think, you know, it's the dog days of summer here, investors are probably more fixated the fact that it's a weekend in international trade scene but, you know, the turkish situation is one that first of all
5:34 am
punishes all emerging markets, we saw pressure on countries such as india and argentina this week and this global trade picture is obviously one that does play very much into the u.s. economic scene when we think about coming in to 2018 seems as if there were green lights all around and the global economic backdrop was one that supported the u.s. but as we are now sort into the latter half of 2018 we think about the fact that downside risks are growing and the global trade picture is one which is weighing on prospects for global growth, so turkey is another log on that global trade fire and concerning. lauren: speaking of trade talks we have renewed trade talks next week, how critical are the talks because the u.s. still plans to move ahead with additional tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese import, how critical and
5:35 am
how hopeful are you that we get something out of these talks? >> well, they're increased bli critical and incredibly important as are the relationships that we have with our trading partners in canada, in méxico and the eu and so obviously we hope that this will escalate in a positive sense from low-level talks to something more significant. at least we have plans to talk which is a step above where we were a week ago, you know, do i worry about let's say the human resource availability within the trump administration from the standpoint of needing to basically fix all of these ailing relationships which some are from self-inflicted damage. lauren: they are holding a hard line here, listen. >> we are talking to china, they very much want to talk, they are just not able to give us a deal that's acceptable so we are not going to do any deal until we get one that's fair to our
5:36 am
country. lauren: we might not necessarily have to cave because china's economy is starting to feel the pinch of the tariffs. >> of course, china is an important trading partner to the u.s. and president trump throwing a hail mary hoping to have significant progress, fingers crossed. it's in the best interest for the united states to have positive relationship that benefits u.s. lauren: and putting pressure on china to stop devaluing. thank you. >> you too. cheryl: generic version of epipen has been approved for use. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that story and other headlines. >> pharmaceutical industry beginnerric version of epipen, most widely used, manufactured by mylan sparked outrage over
5:37 am
price increases of 548% over a decade, have not said how much it would charge for product but work to go get it on the market in coming months. cheryl which he will known for being successful in generic drug market, that's great. kroger testing new grocery delivery. tracee: yes, kroger began testing driverless car grocery delivery service in scottsdale, arizona first will launch in price super market owned by kroger, same day or next day delivery order using toyota pri prius and expect driverless mini vans will make deliveries. lauren: amazon and whole foods and wal-mart with popular food section, kroger has to compete. they have to stay relevant. who is the highest paid actress. tracee: forbes list is out and highest paid actress of 2018 scarlet johannsson thanks to
5:38 am
role in avengers infinity war and second place angelina jolie followed by jennifer anston $19.5 million mostly came from endorsements, rounding up jennifer lawrence and reese whitherspoon. lauren: nice mention. thanks. cheryl: we still have a lot more ahead, andrew governor cuomo not so great statement? >> we are not going to make america great again, it was never that great. [laughter] cheryl: new york republicans telling cuomof it's not that great then leave, details of where he may be headed plus controversial to stop terror in the city, take a look at futures
5:39 am
after 396-point gain dow under pressure this morning, down 28 in premarket, s&p 4 and a quarter and nasdaq down 14 and a half. the employee of the year, anna. [music playing] (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
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(all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now, taking a look at futures after yesterday's
5:42 am
blockbuster day for the market, dow down 22 in premarket, s&p down 3 and a quarter. a plane from china skidding off of rainy runway while landing in manila, philippines, plane ended up on muddy patch of grass only few passengers with scratches but the rest including the crew unharmed. london mayor is proposing banning cars in response to suspected terrorist attack earlier in the week, three people injured when a 29-year-old man drove car into pedestrians and cyclist british parliament, khan says it will keep buildings safer. don't like it here, well, you can leave, message new york republicans have for governor cuomo of he said this. >> we will not make america
5:43 am
great again, it was never that great. cheryl: taxpayers have chipped in $55 to buy one-way bus to canada for the governor. cuomo hasn't responded and refuse today apologize for comments. lauren: the words are going haunt him. cheryl: forever. lauren: president trump's move to revoke former cia brennan sparking uprising, 12 former senior intelligence officials issuing joint statement, quote as individuals who have cherished and helped preserve the right of americans to free speech even when the right has been used to criticize us that signal is inappropriate and deeply regrettable. we bring in ted harvey, former colorado state senator, we also bring in robin byro former obama campaign field director, ted, to you first, respond to that statement, please. >> it's regrettable that we have
5:44 am
people that are involved in national security levels, at the highest levels getting involved in partisan issue, this shouldn't be partisan issue, we don't hand out national security clearances to individuals like party favors as they are walking out the door, this is not for the individuals, this is for the security of our nation, we are doing background checks and making sure that people are intrigue risk and have background and experience necessary to serve our country at the highest levels. it's for our national security not for the individual's benefit, i don't believe it should be partisan issue, i don't believe -- the american people believe that you shouldn't have security clearance once you leave the service to our nation. lauren: the thinking is, robin -- >> whether you're part of bush administration or trump administration. lauren: present officials can contact former officials and get advice and that's why they have the security clearance, that's why -- right, robin?
5:45 am
>> retain them is for national security, they periodically need to be brought back in to debrief based on issues that happened while in service and i would like to point out that the disconnect here because, you know, general flynn still retains his after pleading guilty to a crime, so this is straight-up political retribution for people that are disloyal to the president, i see this as abuse of executive power and that's where i see the problem because the actual national security issue here is them not having them because they still need to debrief issues that happened while they were there. lauren: it's a ol orizing issue -- polarizing issue and published articles in defense of first amendment criticizing what president trump is doing by revoking clearances an threatening to revoke more clearances listen to what they
5:46 am
said yesterday. >> it's the group think, it's the liberal think, they all go the same way and if their editorials matter that much anyway hillary clinton would be president, mostly every paper endorsed hillary clinton for president and that's my point about editorial really not being influential for moving readers anymore. lauren: what do you think of the group thing, ted? >> i think he's exactly right and i think the american people agree that once you are no longer serving in federal government and justify to have a national security clearance that you should have one whether you are donald trump or hillary clinton, you should no longer have access to national security secrets especially when you're using clearance as justification to have partisan witch hunts against the president of the united states which brennan has done, he's going after the president on a daily basis and you can't say it's take get away first amendment rights when he
5:47 am
was on cable television 24 hours a day for the last 24 hours. lauren: then wrote op-ed in new york times. >> that's right. first amendment rights have not been taken away. lauren: trump admitted in interview to wall street journal that he's targeting security clearances to punish those involved in russia probe, so can you make the argument, robin, that that bolsters an obstruction case against him? >> it does and can be said too for political pardons that he's given so and i would love to know that general flynn should still retain his after leaving service and pleading guilty so, you know, that's where i see -- >> no, i don't. i don't think anybody who is no longer working should have security clearance. >> being man of your word. i still retain mine and i say
5:48 am
because i'm critical of this president and disloyal in his words by all means i would consider it a mark of honor if he took mine too. >> you know my brother had the highest security clearance that our government gives, i don't believe when he leaves service to our country that she should have security clearance and neither should you. lauren: like i said, the issue is polarizing and bringing up a lot of themes lately. we can talk about this for hours. thank you, have a good weekend, guys. >> thank you. lauren: he's not the first person to say that. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up next, rematch of last year's super bowl with the eagles star quarterback goes down with an injury and while colin kaepernick says the nfl conspired to keep him out of the league and one says he passed opportunity to play on team. take a look at futures after big run-up for the market, thank you wal-mart, dow down 37 in premarket, s&p down 4, nasdaq 14
5:49 am
quarters and and a half. ♪ ♪ fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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cheryl: welcome back, super bowl rematch between new england patriots and philadelphia eagles last night took place one fan flying flag in the sky reminding us of the score. [laughter] cheryl: tom brady didn't like that very much. responded by two touchdowns helping patriots beat the eagles. well, scary moment for philly fans when super bowl mvp was
5:53 am
sacked, nick foals had to leave the game with shoulder injury but he says he's optimistic that he will actually be fine. lauren: during game three eagle players stayed off the field during national anthem. meanwhile denver broncos gm when asked to consider colin kaepernick as backup quarterback? >> i said this a while ago, colin had his chance to be here, we offered him a contract, he didn't take it, he had a chance to be here, he passed it. lauren: this is what he's referring to potential trade that nearly materialized back in 2016 when kaepernick played last season with san francisco 49ers, kaepernick is currently involved in lawsuit in which he's claiming nfl owner and team executive conspired to keep him out of the league because of protest on the field. cheryl: maybe because he wasn't a good of a quarterback, okay, we found one umpire that isn't a fan of back flipping after home
5:54 am
run, watch the tigers player toss bat in the air and the umpire catches it. willful like they rehearsed it. lauren: you should try it and i will toss my pen, are you ready. [laughter] lauren: coming up trump administration is warning it may face additional sanctions for detaining pastor, what they are now saying about that too cold for camping? too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air, it's never too anything for anything.
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what makes that possible is people that give to st. jude. they really help us to fulfill our mission, and we're so grateful to have them on our team. ♪ lauren: we continue to watch currencies as u.s. warns turkey more sanctions could come if you don't release the u.s. pastor. jane foley, she joins us now, do you think turkey will cave in here? >> right now no signs that it will and back door measures that's keeping lira firm but in economics, no, in fact, turkey seems to be turning east, had economic support and russian ministers reportedly talking in turkey too but no signs yet that it wants to improve relationships with the u.s.
5:58 am
cheryl: are you worried about turkey's economy, are you worried and recession and possible need for bailout? >> well, we are all worried about turkish economy and inflation going to get worse because of lira, a lot of people will suffer, if turkey's economy the size of netherlands is relatively small and that should be limited, from that point of view it's hopeful but i think turkey will be awful lot of pain. lauren: appreciate the perspective. jane foley have a great weekend. cheryl: thanks all of you for watching fbn:am, we now send over to neil cavuto for hour one of six that he will be broadcasting. lauren: we counted, six hours of tv. get off the air. neil: i always keep track, they all miss maria and that's understatement. the best one i got was yesterday
5:59 am
when someone said, boy, maria really let herself go. [laughter] neil: that was a little mean, that really hurt my feelings and that was from my wife. i don't know why she did that, thank you, we have a lot more coming up in the next 3 hours but they go by like this on the show, great show, good morning, everybody, i'm neil cavuto in if friend and colleague maria bartiromo who le back next one, one italian for another, everybody needs to calm down here. not much calming down when it comes to tesla, sec probe already underway but what if i told you there was one underway, a separate one concerning whistle blower allegations about hiding certain models and on and on we go, there's turkey, still not done deal or resolved deal, the government there seems to be freezing its case here and keeping pastor brunson in jail, maybe for up to 35 years,
6:00 am
futures market are trying to get gauge of direction over optimistic of strong retail sales and prospect that chinese and american diplomats will be talking next week about resolving trade dispute, but, again, concerned about turkey and where things are going, so here with me river front investment chairman michael jones, we've got bench mark managing partner kevin kelly and fox news contributor jessica, let's get right to the tesla stuff first and kevin on that the fear seems to be that bubbles emerge and now concern looking models in the past beyond what the chairman is saying. >> tesla shareholders have had a wild ride especially because it's been self-inflicted from elon musk and tend to be dedicate today him, the real issues at tesla


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